Frequently Asked Questions at Electric Fencing Johannesburg

How long does it take to install electric fencing around a house?

We strive to install electric fencing for homes within a day besides for certain posts which may require a longer time for the concrete to dry and ensure that posts are firm, it only takes our team a day to install your electric fencing.

Can I install electric fencing keep animals out of my property?

Yes, you can install electric fencing to keep animals out of your property, we have installed electric fencing for the following:

  • Zoo’s
  • Farms
  • Plots

If you would like to keep your dogs within a certain area of the home, contact us for special types of electric fencing that is safe for humans and not harmful to animals in your home.

Which premises have you offered you services to?

We have installed our electric fencing for a number of customers, mainly:

  • Residential Properties
  • Cellular Satellite Stations
  • Embassies
  • Industrial Properties
  • Motor Dealerships
  • Block of Flats
  • Police Stations
  • and many more!

Which electric fencing brands do you normally use?

We have a few partners that we work with on a regular basis but if we had to mention the one main source of our electric fencing products come from Nemtek.