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Mon- Sat from 17:00-18:00

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The Gastropub

A neighbourhood local that’s not quite a bar and not quite a restaurant,the gastropub is a British-born hybrid of sorts; offering a casual-meets-refined atmosphere that welcomes beer drinkers and wine snobs, non-fussy eaters and foodies alike.


Craft Beer

We have seven craft beers beers and a cider on tap, your usual favourite bottled beers and a range of carefully selected imported beers of the unusual kind, perfectly paired with The Griffin’s English gastropub, dynamic cuisine.

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About Us

The Griffin Craft Beer Gastropub is Martin Jakoby and Thomas Hughes’ latest venture.  The Griffin pays homage to the best beer and wine from home and abroad, while offering beautiful, fresh, seasonal food in the coolest surroundings.

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The craft beer market has taken off around the world, led by the United States and followed closely by the UK. Perhaps people are drawn to it because it is artisanal, independent and sophisticated, or maybe because it is plain delicious.

Our Menu

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